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I had heard a legend about the dogs star in our night sky.  This was not about Sirius but about Polaris.  The story is that the council of wolves, coyote and fox each decided to send companions for the people.  They became the dogs which we have as faithful friends in many homes today.  The three stars of the handle in the little dipper represent the wolf, coyote and fox, while the four bucket stars represent the offspring sent to the four directions.<br />
<br />
I don't know if this is an actual legend told by anishinabek, but I do love the story.

Recent Additions

  • The Sisters and the Goddess of Yesterday

    The evening's sunset was a bust so I visited a familiar old place.

  • Reach

    Split features in the landscape. Last evening at Lake St. John.

  • The Good Life

    Last night was cold.  So cold I wanted to stay in, yet the light called me to the halo hanging high in the sky.  I went out into the yard and it was beautiful, and the light called me further.  Into the car and down the hill not far from from home.  Fantastic clouds stretching across the sky.  In the field, the tree always teasing me with it's ideas.  I always thought of it as two halves of brain.  A lot of ideas come from this place.  The light calls further.  I had never walked to the tree, but here I am in the dead of winter.  The tree of ideas calls.  Ever closer the tree brings me.  I call it one tree because that is what it is to me, symbiotic, intertwined, interdependent, like life. This is the Good Life.  I had the pleasure of sharing this image on facebook and see it speak to me in a similar manner and deeper.  It has reminded me deeply of spiritual things. I thank all of you for sharing your words.

  • Grandmother, Grandfather and the earth mother's healing water

    My favorite images to make often have deeper unstated meanings that can only be understood through a cultural lens. That cultural aspect is one deeply rooted in my Ojibway blood. Yet these meanings I have found are also universal in nature. This image in particular, I thought on reflection, is one of nurturing. The earth mother reminds us of the healing power of water. The presence of the moon is the grandmother watching over us, guiding the healing waters as they wash over the land. And finally the rock is our grandfathers with stories stored inside that are revealed in piercing heat of steam.

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